Counterfeit or Fake Items

Tilt strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit or fake items on the platform. While our team regularly conducts authenticity checks on products and sellers, some may still slip through the cracks.

If you come across a counterfeit item, receive one, or suspect an inauthentic product on the platform, please contact us immediately at, providing:

  • Picture evidence clearly displaying the product.

  • Picture evidence demonstrating the inauthenticity of the product.

  • Any reference code on the product, if available.

  • Any evidence or proof that helped you determine the item's lack of authenticity.

If it is confirmed that the product was inauthentic, Tilt will follow up with you and issue a refund for your order.

We take such reports seriously and conduct thorough investigations. Sellers knowingly offering fake items will be banned, and users consistently submitting false reports will also face consequences.

Click here if you want to learn alternative ways to contact our support team.

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