๐ŸงชHosting a Test Live Stream

A test live stream allows you to test your streaming setup without being visible on the Home feed or notifying your followers that youโ€™ve gone live. Be aware that people can still join this live if they have the link to join so donโ€™t send this link to people unless you want them to join your test live.

How to host a Test Live:

After selecting Create Live Room on the seller portal, continue to the steps of scheduling a normal live stream (steps here) however do not select Schedule for Later. Test lives cannot be scheduled for a later time so make sure to create the live room when youโ€™re ready to test.

After entering the information about your live room, follow these steps or watch this video:

  1. Scroll down and select This is a test room.

  2. Select Start Test Live.

  3. Your web browser may ask you to enable permissions for your camera and microphone, make sure to select enable.

  4. You can now choose to begin your live with your web camera or connect your phone to user a higher quality camera. If youโ€™re testing your web camera, select Start Stream on your web browser and continue to step 11! We recommend using your phone camera.

  5. To connect your phone camera, log out of the tilt app and log back in.

  6. Go to your profile and select โ€œRoomsโ€ in the top right.

  7. Select the โ€œhiddenโ€ room to open it.

  8. Select Stream From Mobile.

  9. Toggle On for Camera and Microphone permissions.

  10. Select Start Live to begin your Test Live!

  11. Congratulations, you are now live! Feel free to explore the live features and test out how auctions run, how to start giveaways and writing in the chat. Remember, this is a test stream thatโ€™s hidden from viewers unless you sent them the link so youโ€™re free to test all the features.

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