3️⃣Step 3: Hosting the live


Engage, Say hi! πŸ‘‹ - Welcome users by their name when they join, ask them questions:

β€œHey username, how's your day been?! Let me know if you want to see anything specific”

”Hi username, how's it going?”

”Hi username, Let me know how I can help!”

Engage, Answer Q’s❓ - Answer as many questions as possible

Received some awkward comments? Just ignore it, or ban them if you prefer

Getting too many questions? Write them down, or scroll back up and answer it later.

Remember to tell your viewers you will get to questions in 5 - 10 mins (any more time and the viewer may get bored)

Engage, ReactπŸ’₯ - Get your audience reacting

Engage, Thank them πŸ€‘ - Thank them for purchasing and let viewers know that its popular

Engage, Ask to Share πŸ’¬ - Get your audience to share with their friends

Repeat! πŸ” - Repeat key points about your product

People need to know why they should pay $x amount for your item. They also need to hear it many times as viewers come and go or may not be listening

  • Remember to use your exclusives - Drops, Giveaways, Auctions and Boosts

  • Have some music to set the vibe 🎢

  • Remind them about your next live

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