🍿Promote Your Live!

Use Social Media

Our most successful creators do an exceptional job of promoting their stores and live streams on Tilt. Here’s a few easy ways to promote yourself:

Post on Social Media promoting your upcoming live on Tilt

  • Tag Tilt in your posts and get yourself reposted on the Tilt Instagram. Our Instagram: @Tilt

  • Open the Tilt App.

  • Go to Profile.

  • Select Share (Arrow Icon).

  • Select Copy Link.

  • Paste this link to your Social Media Bio

Utilise our giveaway feature to draw a larger audience into the live

Go Live! Use your Social Media and go live 20 minutes before your Tilt live to tell people you’ll be on Tilt and can sell to them directly. Make sure to cover the following:

  • Your giveaway

  • Β£1 Auctions - incredibly effective at converting viewers on Instagram/ TikTok to Tilt

  • Where to sign up

  • What is Tilt

  • Showcase the products on sale

Post on socials and find creative ways to include Tilt. Some easy examples include:

  • Post the products that you sold!

  • Shoutout your regular Tilt customers

  • Showcase steals people got in your recent lives

  • Showcase new grails and when you plan on showing them first (On a Tilt live?)

  • Tilt is a new experience, one which most people have yet to hear of so all of these activities will spark people’s curiosity, create FOMO and watch the masses come to your lives.

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