🛋️Setting up your space for a Live Room (Old)

General Tips

We're so excited for you to go live!

Store, studio, pop-up shop, home, or anywhere.

We give sellers and brands the creative freedom to set any stage for their livestreams... as long as it's legal 😅 (our lawyers wanted us to put this in writing).

But with that, we'd like to share some tips on what we think good livestreams have in common:

  • Keep your stream setup simple. We'll provide more tips on setting up a good space below but always keep it as simple as possible!

  • Check your Internet speed

  • Be mindful of the noises and the traffic in the area

  • Make sure that the lighting is consistent and that the subject is easy to see

  • Use a good-quality camera: livestreams don't require Hollywood-level cameras, but make sure that the quality of the camera is clean

  • Make your space fun! Cool spaces, backgrounds, and decorations can help make the stream more interesting and be used as conversation-starters for you and your viewers

  • Keep your battery charged. Make sure that you have a nearby plug to keep your equipment charged throughout the Live Room

Space Set-Up Guide

Here is what a Live Room looks like from the iPhone 13 Pro without any additional equipment:

If you're happy with this for your livestream, then great! But if you would like to enhance the appearance of the livestream, here is our guide on setting up your space for a Live Room.

General Set Up

We recommend having:

  • Phone Stand

  • Long Phone Cable

  • Keylight

    • The purpose of the key light is to highlight the main subject of the video

  • Softbox Light

    • Soft source of light that minimizes harsh shadows

  • Background Light

    • Background light are similar to Softbox Lights as they help to reduce the shadows behind the subject of the Live Room; but Background Light can provide an additional effect such as colours

You can see a full list of equipment here: Equipment checklist for Live Rooms

Affordable Option: £40

Mid-Tier Option: £90

This is what you can expect with the mid-tier option:

Luxury Option: £200-500

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